On Sunday morning I almost didn’t open my e-mail before going to church and I was prepared to read recent e-mails from Sandy and Moses about the drought to the people at St. Mary Magdalene’s.   Sandy wrote:  “I am writing this to the sound of rain drops falling outside our window.  It is not a hard rain but if it would continue it would be fine.  If for a second or two it sounds like it has stopped, I catch my breath and try to be very still, listening very hard to make sure that it’s my hearing and not the rain having stopped. And then crying:  Come on God, please don’t stop.”

Later George Chibwale said to her:  “Sandy, when we see rain, we see food.”  She went on to say:  “I think of all the times I have thought of rain as something that would ruin my hair doo, get my feet wet, my good shoes muddy, cause cancellations, ruin outdoor parties and weddings ~ haven’t you ever prayed that it would NOT rain and spoil my outing?”   I was reminded of the nursery rhyme:  “Rain, rain go away, little Johnny wants to play, come again another day.” 

I see everything through different eyes now.   I pray for rain for them every day.   We had a Victory Garden when I was growing up (oh yes, I am THAT old) but I don’t remember praying for rain or thinking about rain as food.  It’s going to be a tough year for them but they never lose hope.  Keep praying.