We in North Carolina woke up again to the magic of snow, and even though an old lady, there is still a child-like wonder in me when I peek out of the window and see trees and roof tops with a frosting of snow.  It  has gone as quickly as it came during the night but puddles of water stand here and there and I wish we could export it to Tanzania.  Water, something we take for granted.  I pass watering systems watering the roads.

Here are words from Sandy McCann today:  “The rain has not come and at staff meeting today Moses opened by reading Matthew 6 about seek ye first.  He told me he did it because everyone is so concerned about famine.  He told us to keep seeking God and being righteous and that our God would take care of us.  The problem is that the drought is not just here, the usual place, but all over Tanzania, like Morogoro a usual breadbasket area.  Parliament opened on Monday with a speech that famine is predicted for all of TZ and even if rains come now 50% of crops will be lost.  It is hot as hell here, humid and sun blazing.  It is quite sad.  We have messed up God’s world.”   I don’t know what to do but to weep and try to have the faith that Moses has.  Even with the seeds that Holy Comforter will send us off with will be of no use if God won’t send rain.   And why has God taken me from an affluent church in Southern Pines and dropped me in Tanzania?   Barbara Crafton said because He needed me there.  Talk about a minnow in a huge ocean.  Jessie and I will take all we can with us this September ~ we’ve already filled bags with clothes from the Emmanuel’s Thrift Shop and your money will help us to help them buy food that will be ridiculously expensive because it will be imported.  I think I am sent there to experience their genuine joy for life and their desire to learn and their unfailing belief in God’s care and goodness.