I am a New Englander, extremes resonate within me: Wind, rain, heat and snow. The pendulum swings, never staying long at the center point where calm is found. Africa is such and I think that is what calls to me. The people there deal with death, disease, drought or floods and in the same instance there is such love, joy, compassion and generosity. They endure unspeakable conditions, yet have a sense of gratitude for things we take for granted like a glass of water. I do not take as much for granted any more. I used to get annoyed having to wait in a doctor’s office, or being stuck in traffic. Now I am grateful I have a doctor to go to, or a car to take me to a grocery store and money to buy food.

Living in this place of calm, I do not have to deal with the harsh realities Africans face, but then neither do I encounter the raw courage or joy of living another day. I hope that you who help us are able to know just how much your caring means to the people there.

This summer, we want to take photos of you here to those there. To see your faces, you have seen theirs. We tell them all about you, we tell them your stories. We tell you their stories. We are but conduits connecting two compass points between gentle, caring people. You give of your treasure in donations of tangible gifts in expression of your compassion and in return receive the knowledge, love and prayers from people who have only that to send. It is enough, it is what we can do. Thank you! Jessie  P. S., just heard today, the Piglets are thriving!