While we in many parts of the United States are in a deep freeze it is SUMMER in Tanzania, only they don’t label the seasons as we do.  Basically they have two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.  This message came this morning from them:

“The blessed rains have begun.  The earth is being transformed before our eyes from a barren and dry land into a land blossoming with wild flowers and green grasses.  Our one hundred students have finished their first semester exams and have gone home to begin planting.  Please pray for us that this year the rains will come in the right amount and at the right time.”

They must feel as we do when winter leaves us and we begin to see the budding of the dogwood trees and the small shoots of daffodils begin to come out of the cold earth ~ our visible signs of renewed life.  The big difference is that their lives hang in a balance as their rainy season comes.  The right amount of rain (not too much and not too little) stands between them and famine.  For the moment we can all rejoice that their land is “blossoming with wild flowers and green grasses.”