They don’t celebrate Christmas they way we do in Tanzania!  There is no “Black Friday” – endless shopping, Santa Claus, tree, presents.  They do have a special dinner with family which means at that dinner they would try and have some cow meat.  There is so much need, no donation is too small in a country where $5.00 would enable someone to go to the doctor if sick.  They are coming into the rainy season now, that means schools are closed so everyone can go to their Shambas (farms) and plant their maize and other crops which will feed their families for the coming year.  We have to hope the rains will come and be steady.  Too often, they don’t get enough rain, or they are deluged washing away the seeds.  It is a real crap shoot, (or should I say crop shoot).  The women in this photo were waiting for a hand out of maize the year before last when crop failure seized their region.  If any of you are looking for an alternative to adding to our own abundance with yet more “stuff” may we suggest making a donation in someone’s name to KARIMU?  No amount is too small.  A friend’s grandchildren are giving their small gifts via Karimu to their Grandparents.  What a lovely thought and lesson for small children.  If you would like to do this, checks can be made out to KARIMU, and mailed to Bill Rose, our Treasurer at 10 Walnut Creek, Pinehurst, NC 28374.  We will be happy to send you a letter for you to take to your tax person stating the deduction, and send a card to the receipient of the gift for you.  Please help us to help them this Christmastime.