A good laugh never hurts.  Last weekend, Jessie and I were in Burlington at The Church of the Holy Comforter ~ a beautiful church set back behind huge oak trees.  The church has all sorts of almost unseen steps to the altar and to the pulpit.  Yep, I had to go up winding steps to get to the pulpit.  Also the choir and musicians were performing a Mozart Mass in commemoration of All Saint’s Sunday crowding that area.  I was extremely cautions moving between the orchestra members and choir to get to the pulpit steps.  I’m small so I could squeeze in and out pretty well.  I was also very measured as I assisted at the altar, watching for those tricky little steps, hard to see with burgandy-colored carpet.  So far so good.  After the service an 87 year old lady with a cane asked if I was really 77 (I had mentioned that in my sermon) and then further commented on how agile I was for that ripe old age.  I was on my way outside to get a nosegay of flowers to help in “flowering the graves” behind the church.  No more had she said those words than I went down the granite steps and reached for the railing as I started back up not knowing that the railing was loose.  Down I went hitting my forehead, nose and eyeglasses on the metal railing.  My hip took a knock too.  Nothing was broken, not even my glasses, a miracle there, but I remembered my father’s favorite words from the Good Book.  “Pride goeth before a fall.”  I also remembered that I had been called “Gracie” in school because of well, you know ~ I was not graceful.  “Are  you hurt?” several asked.  “Only my pride,” I said.  When I finally made it to the graveyard most of the flowers had been put on graves of recently deceased saints.  I found a grave of a child, long dead and for a moment stood there wondering who she was or who she would have been.  Certainly one of God’s holy angels now.  I have more to write about that journey to meet the gracious and generous people of Holy Comforter but this is enough for now.