We received an e-mail from Kate Mato, a missionary from New Zealand and head of the English department at Msalato.  Her words were very encouraging about the program and we would like to share them with you. 

“I am happy to give you an update on the class.  The first teacher, Helen, has returned to the UK after a wonderful farewell organized voluntarily and with secret rehearsals.  The students organized songs, prayer and drama which they presented in their limited English.  It was lovely.  The second teacher, Peta, was there and was welcomed politely but now she is really in her stride and has the ladies even changing seats and sitting next to different students for group activities.  HOW RADICAL!  At first the ladies were uneasy about this, but their confidence is growing.  Peta is amazed at their lack of life experience but as you know women lead very different lives here.  The ladies are very happy and willing students.  The roll of 15 continues to be full with very few absences.  We are now starting to see that there are a few students who are very quick to pick up new concepts and it’s possible that a couple could go on to train as teachers.  What a wonderful opportunity you have given these women.”    

Women have been so marginalized in Africa and to think they are now learning the language that has become the official language of Tanzania makes my heart leap for joy. 

Moses wrote that when he encounters other women in town they want to know why they were not chosen for the class.   With a grant to continue the classes next year more and more women will be empowered to study, to get jobs, to use the internet, and to participate in their husband’s ministry by educating the villagers in matters of health and the importance of education.  Normally, in Africa if there is money available for education, it is the men who are given first choice.  We are thrilled that Karimu is enpowering women and letting them know and believe they are not second class citizens!   I have a large smile on my face.