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Tally called to say she is having a wonderful time in Canada with the Legallais, is being wined and dined – meeting people and seeing the sights including the Niagra Falls at night. I have been going to the doings of the high school class ahead of me, in which I had many friends, reunion. What a meaningful time. The class president, who is a retired doctor and now author gave a short speech and said how lucky we were to be in high school when the Korean War had ended, the Vietnam War hadn’t started. Our world was our neighborhoods, our school, with occasional trips to NYC. We didn’t yet know about the horrors of segregation, none of us had ever seen separate drinking fountains. The only drugs around were alcohol and perhaps some wild kids who knew about pot. Pre-marital sex was still considered something to avoid. We had a new President JFK, but still to come were the assinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK. We went to a school rich in academics and the arts, looked forward to futures with promise. My feeling was that it was a gentler time. Less pressure than high school today.

We toured the school and were impressed with how high tech everything is, smart boards have replaced black boards, lap tops are replacing textbooks, the library which had 20,000 books in our day now has 5,000 as much has been replaced by computers. The library is loaded with computer stations, the entire school is wi fi wired. No more “home ec” – now it is Culinary Arts. there are two huge kitchens for students to learn how to run cafes and hotels! There are courses in horticulture, gardens on the grounds. Advanced classes in all the sciences (which they had when we were there). No longer foreign languages, but World languages. The usual French, German, Spanish, Latin, but now Mandarin is offered by exchange teachers from China. One of them defected to this country, so they had to go to a different provence for the next year’s teachers. align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”Staples High School”][/caption]

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