Yesterday was pure bliss.  Sandy McCann, priest and M.D. and our friend at Msalato Theological College is in the United States and we  knew that she was preaching at St. Paul’s, Ivy, VA yesterday.   Ivy is in Charlottesville!  On Saturday Jessie said:  “Let’s go and surprise her.”  I’m a morning person so getting up at 4:30 wasn’t too big of a deal for me, but Jessie likes her beauty rest but she said: “We have to do it ~ Sandy is our person.”  So, off we went at 5:30 with dogs in tow.  What adaptable creatures they are ~ they love to ride in the car, love to be with their people and still being dark they settled right into their beds for a long sleep. 

We sat up front in the church and didn’t want Sandy to see us before the service, so we did everything from hiding behind the church bulletin to scrunching down in the pew.  Fortunately, the church was dark as they were showing slides of their mission trip to Tanzania in connection with the Carpenter’s Kids. 

Sandy preached the most amazing sermon and by then had spotted us in the congregation and as Jessie said:  her mouth dropped open, her eyes popped and then a huge smile spread across her lovely face.   What joy!  We learn from her. 

Aside from  just plain missing her and missing our life in Tanzania,  this turned out to be another “God thing.”  The rector of St. Paul’s is moving to Raleigh to become Vicar at Christ Church.  Sandy had already told  him about us and our mission work in Tanzania so it was very timely that we showed up.  He said he wanted to get with both of us to talk about Karimu as he is interested in bringing Christ Church into some outreach work in Tanzania.  O bliss, O wonder, O what an amazing God.  Joy comes in the morning:  “for  you shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills before you shall break forth into singing, and the fields shall clap their hands.”  (Isaiah 55:12)

We saw hills and mountains yesterday, and fields that were golden in  sunlight, and our hearts and hands clap today for the joy and blessings that we received.  Look at the picture that Jessie just posted:  “Surprise Sunday.”