Rumor has it that it takes one day per hour to recover from jet lag.  Tanzania is 7 hours ahead of us which means we have about 3 more days to get back to “normal.”  No comments please!  I thought I was over it this morning, really felt great, but we have noticed that by afternoon we begin to run out of steam and of course the North Carolina heat isn’t helping.

We want you to know that we are safe and sound, still full of wonder and  emotion over such a profound privilege.  We will continue the blog as things of interest happen especially when it has to do with Msalato and Bp. Stanway.  We are looking for ways to continue to keep you informed and we are also looking for churches and civic groups where we can share the story.

We are looking at some churches in Connecticut and maybe even Canada at the moment.   Grant money will be nice too.  How did a little Southern Pines deacon end up in Africa?  I may be retired but as Bob Brown says:  I am just re-wired.  My garden is beckoning me to come out and weed but I think I will sit in my lounging chair with James and look at a Net Flix.  Never have I been so idle.  🙂

Just know that we are fine and the dogs are fine.