Frist day back, Tally has written and before I start with downloading the photos, I just wanted to add my two cents about our departure and journey home.  We keep asking ourselves what it is that makes being there among our Tanzanian friends so different from being with family and friends here.  One thing, I think, is that there are so few distractions (for lack of a better word) there.  You will see some of the homes, if you are in a single room dwelling, without electricity, plumbing, there isn’t much housework, or if you lived as we did, a decent house, with plumbing and electricity, but no car, TV, radio, and all the stuff we have here…all the things we have to do to keep our lives going – from managing our finances, keeping up our cars and yards, sports, entertainment, committees, computer time, appointments, going to the gym, you have much for time for RELATIONSHIPS.   We would see women sitting under a tree just visiting for long periods, or by a well, or standing on a path.

Starting the evening before we left, people came by to wish us a safe journey and say their goodbyes.  The morning we left, more people came.  At 7:30, Lidya, the Headmistress of Bishop Stanway came by before going to the school.  This meant she had to leave her home earlier to do so. Iri Moto changed his schedule to take us to the bus station, (see photos), and whilst we were sitting there waiting for the bus to leave, two women from the Diocese drove in to say goodbye!   Some how, I would like to change my life here to make more time available for relationship, but fact is, I probably won’t have time.  (More photos coming)

Women chatting at the bus station.