Wednesday, 25 August.  We are packed, have already had visitors and now we have that empty feeling when one is about to leave loved ones.  Their love is so palpable and we feel it to the depths of our hearts.

We have a long and hard journey ahead especially the 7-8 hour bus ride but we have done it before and know we can to it again.

Our little house looks sad now ~ pictures are off the wall, beds unmade, all is cleaned up, but Sandy says it will be ready for us next year if we can come back.  How can we not?  There is nothing worse than a shell of a house especially one that has been filled with visitors and genuine love.  At the moment the headmistress is sitting next to me using Jessie’s computer ~ there is such a feeling of sharing and community here.  I hope I can maintain some of my reverence for all living things, for our natural AND material world, and not be so wasteful of our daily gifts.  The best gift of all is that of friendship.  We have found so much of that here

See you soon.

Tally and Jessie