The first (4:30) rooster woke me up today and normally I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep, but this is the penultimate day ~ the day we begin to pack and prepare for our long trek home beginning with a 7-8 hour bus trip from Dodoma to Dar es Salaam tomorrow.  As all journeys must be different this has been shorter than usual but equally as rewarding in that we have accomplished a lot thanks to your generosity.  We have taught our usual specialities but not as many courses.  We have visited more villages and come closer to understanding the difficult lives for those who live there.  Our life here on the compound is quite insular even though you might consider it minimal with our bucket baths and simple foods.  We fear we have gained weight as we have been the guests in many homes and they “kill the fatted calf” for guests especially Muzungus.  I wish they would stop seeing whites as superior.  Many want skin like ours.  We think their skin is beautiful ~ no old age spots, no freckles, just smooth unwrinkled skin.

As always we will have some processing to do and there will be a push to get more money for our projects.  So my days at home will be to seek grant money or anything we can get from you dear folks.  We both hope to go on the road with the story and we expect good results from the micro-lending program in Ikowa Village.  Time will tell as the ladies buy the piglets, tend and raise them and then sell them for more.  We put a time limit on the loan ~ one year.

As always Jessie has been a lovely companion along the way.  I cannot imagine doing this without her good ideas and her friendship.  Without “stuff” we have been able to spend some time reading in the afternoons.  Not having to think much about what to wear or what to eat has been very freeing.  One has time to think of the inner life and what is truly important. 

Jessie wrote last night of some of our accomplishments and she left one out ~ with some leftover money we were able to help Dr. Martin McCann, Sandy’s husband begin to enlarge his lab.  Martin is a pathologist and his lab is located in the Mackay House which is the diocesan house.  Imagine a clinic where breasts biopsies are done in our diocesan offices in Raleigh. 

More pictures will be coming when I get home.  Pray I make it home with my computer and camera this year.  I have some wonderful pictures for you.  Thank you for reading our blog, to commenting on it.  News from home is like a balm in Gilead!

See you soon.  Always with love,