This is Yesse Paschal!  He is age 9 and is in Standard III at Bishop Stanway Primary School.  Standard III is like our 3rd Grade.

He lives with his father who is divorced and a retired army soldier.  Soldiers here don’t get retirement pay and so there isn’t much income.  Yesse’s father cannot afford to pay his transport fees for school, and struggles to pay his tuition, so he rides his bike to school 8 km on a dirt road with heavy truck traffic, and choking dust.  Pete and Phyllis Olson, of St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, offered to sponsor a child at Bishop Stanway in memory of their nephew who died recently.

Yesse was so happy today when he learned that he has a sponsor, and has made a picture for the Olsons which we will bring home with us.  The cost of sponsoring a child is $270. a year.  Thank many of you who are helping in this effort.

We have more to tell you about scholarships for other children which you have helped in providing,  the bicycles, the food, the women’s English classes, scholarships for two priests, the exciting news about a Women’s Center to be built here, and of course, the piglets.  We will do this when we return with lots of photos and figures.

As we pack up to leave, all send their love and greetings to you.  J.