Tally's hair dressers

Jessie's finished hair do

This was such a sweet, tender and loving afternoon!  Like girls everywhere, Lisa, Rachel, Fatma, Hilda, and Nenelwa like to do hair.  They have been wanting to plait Tally’s and my hair for weeks.  So today, Friday, like Puppies in a box, we all crammed into a small office at BSPS.  Other girls joined us and even some curious boys popped in to check the progress or fetch rubber bands.  I loved it, lots of hugs, lap sitting.  Souls connecting through touch.  They tried very hard to get Tally’s in neat rows, but her hair simply would not comply, it was too slippery so they just did what they could creating many, many little braids.  She looked like “Buckwheat”!  It is a style for little girls and when we left and came back to BSPS, we dropped by Moses’ office.  At first he thought she was a girl (his office is not well lit), then when he saw me he realised.  We all had a good laugh, and everyone complimented Tally on her hair do and spirit of fun for going along with it.  Just love the little girls, our hair dressers. J.  P.S. My hair was too long for them to deal with in the same way, we would have been there until nightfall.