It stuns my senses when I compare the daily life of women here to the daily life of me and my friends back home. We all live with the tensions in our own environment, our relationships, our family circumstances, our work. But, the dominant themes differ radically. I have felt stressed at home, have had worries, fears, the whole range of human emotion, and will continue to do so – no doubt. But I have been profoundly altered by my experiences here. My worries are not about staying alive this day, going without food so my children can eat, (our housegirl, Moti, had a toothache yesterday in a molar. She came in today smiling, The pain is gone, but so is the tooth!)

A big difference in that we have minds which have the energy to create, to ponder, to think outside the box. So many here are trapped in the box of survival, being at the mercy of a fickle Mother Nature who is totally unorganised in her distribution of rain, “a little here, a lot there, and not according to a good planting schedule”

Again, and again we see the hope in education. When you live in a village with no electricity and far from town, your world is like the Uroborus – the image of the serpent eating it’s own tail representing something constantly re-creating itself.

With no access to new ideas, one gets locked into a stale druggery. We will keep our emphasis on education. Education of priests, they are the link to the outside, they are the models of behaviour of equality towards women, of men’s treatment of women. The women priests are a radical model of women’s rights and development. Education of children. We thank all of you who are helping in the endeavor, we think of you here with us and hope that through the blog you are able to join in with our day to day work and joys.