The men that were sitting at our table on my computer were a lovely mix.  Two Englishmen, one  American, all just graduated from St. Andrews University, were helping a former teacher from Bishop Stanway apply on-line to Edinburgh, University.  Theodoris, the Tanzanian teacher emailed me last winter about going further with his university education overseas.  I told him to check the internet.  He did and was amazed at all the universities that he could apply to on-line.  He is working on his Master’s in Urban Development.  There was no way I could help him through this process, but the three young men I mentioned, had been on the bus with us from Dar, and are teaching at MTC.  They know alot about computers and how to do these things, so they came and met with Theodoris.

Gave them food and tea, it was fun listening to them navigate through the process – explaining to Theodoris what he had to do.  He is older – early 30’s.  After two and a half hours, they had gone as far as they could as the internet connection to the university dissappeared.

Tally helped me with the little children today at Bishop Stanway.  From 8:00 until 11:30, we worked with two classes, 1st and 2nd grades.  Their teachers were with us, because the children this age do not have as much English.  What a joy! For most, their first time using paint and brushes.  As soon as we are able to get photos on line will post them for you.  We will have to do this from an inter-net cafe.  More later from Tally…