It’s been quite a day.  Our friend, Joseph Kyense came to see us this afternoon to discuss what he hopes we will do in Manyoni on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  He has invited 20 priests and their wives to come to a workshop led by Jessie and me ~ it was expected that we would do different things but Jessie  thinks we should work as a team talking about Pastoral Care and women’s issues.  She can be my ears and she thinks I can bail her out on biblical issues.  I’m not so sure about that.  Sandy says it will be fun.   We are fairly certain that we will be run out of Manyoni on a pole because of our take on some of the  bible’s teaching about women.   For starters there are no women priests or deacons in the Diocese of the Rift Valley and wife beating is still allowed in this country even among Christians.  These are true biblical literalists.  Sandy has warned us that we will be asked some hard questions about the bible ~ you know good old Paul saying things like women should submit to their husbands in everything.  Women should cover their heads in church (how many of us do that?);  there is alot about stoning women in the bible.  Jessie thinks it will be a blast ~ I’m scared to death.  If I can just keep them focused on loving thy neighbor and try to convice them that we are all created in the image of God I’ll be thankful. 

Later we went to the chapel to hear a nurse/midwife talk about health issues.  I sat up front so I could hear only to discover that the lecture was in Kiswahili ~ every now and then I caught the words, cholera and samonella.  That was comforting!  The students especially male students asked a lot of questions that caused a lot of laughter which really made me wish I could speak the language.  We could hardly slip out sitting up front.   We smiled sweetly and whispered to her that we did  not know the language.   I noticed that someone else who does not know the language had left before we did. 

Tomorrow is Nani-nani which is the farmer’s market so we are hoping to take that in.  We are pretty rushed to do all that we hoped to do since our time is half what it was last year.  We barely catch out breaths and I crash pretty early at night ~ 8:30 last night but we had walked halfway to Dodoma yesterday.

We have a full weekend ~ I’m preaching at two different places on Sunday ~ Sandy found an alb for me.  My sermon is very simple which Sandy says is required so I hope it will be okay.  Maybe I’ll be run out of town even before we get to Manyoni.  Believe me, this is a different world and yet something attracts us. 

Jessie has been invited by Madame Lidya, headmistress at the Primary School to come into town and spend Sunday with her.  We also hoped to meet Magi Griffin who is the bishop’s right hand person on Sunday night for dinner but I don’t think I want to ride a Dala-Dala alone at night in order to meet them.

Jessie does wonders with the little children and their art work.  It’s quite amazing how well and how quickly they learn and just to watch them paint with water-colors is a joy.  Our little abode tonight is decorated with some of their art and suddenly it looks almost pretty.

Time is going too quickly.