Busy, busy. trying to do more in four weeks, than we used to do in seven or eight. Today, I worked with the kindergarten children, first time. So dear and little!!! Tiny hands griping the marker pens, making tiny drawings, sitting at tiny desks. Sweet baby teeth smiles.

Later, worked with the standard V kids (5th graders). Am always touched at how very honest they are. At the end of class when I have to collect pencils, erasures, brushes, paints, water containers – they are so good about being sure to bring everything back. Pencils in particular as some of the children’s pencils are down to the nub, yet they give back the new one to me…

Tally and I missed our ride to a meeting in Dodoma this afternoon, so we started walking hoping to catch a dala dala. We got almot half way there (10 km) walking on the dusty road when one came by. We hailed it, got crammed in with the other passengers (picture sardine can). My nose was almost pressed into a young girl’s ear, when another person gave me their seat. Sat next to a nice young man who is a secondary school teacher (literature). He wanted to talk politics, ours as well as Tanzanian (their election is in October). Made the ride even more interesting. Lost sight of Tally in the mess, but when we got off the “bus” in Dodoma, she had had an interesting trip too. Our meeting was about a Women’s Center to be built, but will talk about that later. It is late, am sleepy and ready for bed. I hope Tally will write about one of her students who likes to hunt… tomorrow. Jessie