To alter a coined phrase:  we plan and Africa laughs.  Either the electricity goes off, the computers are down, the person you want to meet doesn’t own a watch, so is 40 minutes late, etc.  However, it works to the delight as well.  Because one thing got cancelled, a trip to town was possible, or a visit from a person who brings joy, lots of time to chat, such a different pace.  A pace one can get used to and appreciate.  When I stopped consulting I wanted to become more of a human being than a human doing, it is the way here and one of the things I treasure.

Had a meeting with Moses, the financial person, Yusufu, and Lidya (head mistress) about Bishop Stanway Primary School. Each year things get better and better.  All think that Madame Lidya is doing a very good job as Head Mistress!!  When reports are finalized, we will provide more details.

The best news is that out of 96 schools, Bishop Stanway was second in the Standard VII (last grade before secondary school) exams.  The first place school was a well-funded Catholic School we visited last year which was stunning in terms of facilities and staff.  So we are very pround of BSPS and their teachers!!

Tally and I have to go to Manyoni next week.  I thought it was just Tally going to do a workshop on Pastoral Care for one of her students who has graduated and is now the Secretary General for the Diocese of the Rift Valley, but just found out am going too and he wants me to do a workshop on Empowering Women.  Will talk with women here to get a baseline as life is so different,  let’s just say that there is much to be accomplished in terms of equality.