Well, am sitting here listening to Iri’s new Rooster!  And trying to figure out how to get photos on the computer, both Tally and I are having trouble.  First, the computers were all down this weekend, and now the work just evaporates into cyberspace while we are typing.  Tally has gone off to track James – a computer person with nouse.

We have had wonderful reunions, first with Sandy and Martin, then Moses and Ruth, the neighbors, (including the chickens), students here at MTC, and this morning at Bishop Stanway.  It is greener this year, and more vegetable gardens all around us.  They now have their own bore hole, so don’t have to pay for water quite like the used to.

The campus looks better, more buildings have been painted, more flower gardens, more students!  BSPS looks the same, but what a surprise to see how the children have grown since last year.  Three years is transforming in children, some are now as tall as Tally, and when you only see them once a year the change is noticeable. What fun to see them again!!!