Today, we were given a beautiful send off by St. Mary Mag’s for our trip to Tanzania, am sure Tally will want to add her words.  I was overwhelmed, got teary.  Not only in the beautiful words during the service, but the reception afterwards, great cake.  Thank you to those who gave us last minute donations for piglets!!  We will carry you with us.  We will also carry the people of St. Thomas in Sanford, who last week gave us a send off.  Father Craig, thank you.

Keep up with us on the blog, it is going to take us three days to get there, so we probably won’t write anything until Friday.  We go from Raleigh, to Detroit, to Northern Tanzania, to Dar es Salaam – then the next morning our bus ride to Dodoma which is 8 hours over bad roads, arduous travel to say the least.  But, we look forward to seeing the people we have come to know and love.  Also look forward to getting away from the heat here as it is winter there (50’s in the morning, 70’s during the day).  Bye for now,  Jessie