If there has ever been a case of a technological idiot you are hearing from her.  I managed to get the photos of Jessie and her loaded to the gills’ van onto the blog but couldn’t find any place to write, hence “Traveling Art Show 2.”   It was like patting my head and rubbing my stomach at the same time.  Where is Anna Franklin Smith when I need her? (Florida).

The pictures are to give you an idea of how much art work Jessie is taking to Bridgehampton.  She is on the road now “as we speak.”   We spent a day bubble-wrapping the paintings and then loaded them into the van yesterday and I must say I think we did a good job.  All of the paintings and their frames are well-protected and secure and she even had a tad of space for her clothes!   Imagine driving off with an art gallery in your car!  It really is a car full of beauty and color.    I walk through my house in the early morning hours and just seeing the paintings that I have makes me feel  happy.  I know the people of New York will want them all.  Again this show ,out of her generosity, will benefit of the children in Tanzania.   The show is scheduled for June 19th. 

In the meantime I am home with the 3 dogs, my James, and her Tally-Two or Tally Pendo as we call her now and Lisa.  

By the time she sends pictures of the show perhaps I will have figured out how to do photos and text at the same time.  Bear with me.  Tally