I want to thank everyone who helped with the art show!  My friend, Tally, who has to be the best PR person around, St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, especially Tim and Carol and their crew of helpers who made it not only a feast for the eyes, but the stomach as well.  I ate grapes all day long for two days!  The  food and wine…were wonderful.  We thank the clergy for their support, Bishop Greg, Father Craig Lister who came from Sanford, Fathers Bob and Fred.  Note who is wearing the purple in the photos!!  I thank Father John too for a donation.

The best part is the children’s art sold very well!  Thanks to Marilyn Arthur who provided the funds to frame the pictures, as well as Jane Rhodes of the Framer’s Gallery who donated four framings.  Her framer has to be the best around for I brought in artwork on wrinkled, thin, paper which she dry-matted and made perfect.

David Matonya, Moses’ son,  earned enough to pay for his tuition next year at boarding school.  He graduated from Bishop Stanway last year, and has been attending Mvumi Secondary School.   The others’ earnings will go back to them at the school for something fun like a field trip.

It is time to gather up our supplies to take in July.  If anyone has an old duffle bag, or parachute bag they are not using anymore, we would be most grateful.  We have used tennis balls from Laurie Holden (they were a big hit last year with the children), and need new tee shirts.  Some of us get them from donations WUNC, or promos, etc.  They are always welcome.  (I saw a man in Dodoma wearing a “Hooters” tee shirt.  Obviously he wasn’t aware what Hooters is  (or are?).

Again, Asante Sana!  Jessie