JUHUTUGRADULATION!  No, that is not a Kiswahili word, it is a brand new word created to express my emotions on this most wonderful day.

Jessie and I learned yesterday that we were awarded a Foundation grant in the amount of $21,600 to re-instate the food program for the students at Msalato Theological College (MTC).  It was far more than we could have hoped for and we believe we have the opportunity to reapply each year for 3 years to the tune of $101, 244.    I wish you could see the smile on my face.

But what about JUHUTUGRADULATION?  My first reaction was sheer, over-the-top jubilation.   Jessie and I even called Sandy in the middle of the night in Tanzania figuring it was news worth being  awakened  for. 

MTC, always struggling to make ends meet, had raised the tuition by 10% and had decided it would be necessary to close the kitchen/dining hall beginning this August when the next school year begins.  The students were going to be asked to provide their own food.  Simply put, they just can’t do it.  They have NO money for food and often return from their villages after school break thin as reeds.  Sandy McCann told us that one of their graduates who is back at the college working on a research paper had no food ~ there was none in the dining hall but Emmanuel’s comment was that it really didn’t bother him that much, that he was used to fasting .  Another student told her that the first thing a Tanzanian thinks about when he gets up is:  “What am I going to eat today?”  As Sandy said:  “Certainly God did not expect any of his children to have to go hungry and for the main concern to be:  “What am I going to eat today?”  Suddenly my jubilation turned to humility and  gratitude.   Truly, we are so humble for the opportunity that has been given to us and the G word is written all over my face.  Jubilation, humility, gratitude.  As soon as the funds are released Moses can order rice, maize and millet while the prices are lower than they will be after the harvest season.   Meat, vegetables and fruit will be purchased on a weekly basis.  This grant money will feed 68 students 3 meals a day for a whole year and knowing the Tanzanian’s they might have some left over for next year.  Isn’t this AMAZING news?