Less  you think art shows just happen, think again.  First and foremost one needs a creator, in this case Jessie the artist.  This artist also knows how to frame, put  hanging wires on the backs of the paintings and do the paperwork regarding size, pricing, etc.  That part is hard work ~ this artist, Jessie Mackay would rather paint and leave the rest to people like me.  But not just me.  Friends are worth more than their weight in gold.  Take for instance Carol and Tim Burgess and Liz and Vic Szalankawitz.  With their large vans and Jessie’s loaded to the hilt with brilliant canvasses we made a caravan from Pinehurst to Seven Lakes yesterday.  Just a word or two about Carol and Tim.  When Jessie had difficulty getting a venue for her benefit show 2 years ago, Carol Burgess along with the vicar Bob Brown stepped right up to the plate and said they would love to host it.   St. Mary Magdalene’s is a small mission church and we dubbed it:  “The Little Church that Would.”   They have a wonderful way of displaying the paintings and they go all out with wine and cheese, fruit, cookies, brownies, nuts ~ the whole 9-yards.    Big is not always best.  Great things can be done by a few.  Remember the old saying:  “The best things come in small packages.”  Tim is a treasure making tags with the name and price of each painting.  He figures the tax too.  Halleluia!  Liz who once owned a gallery has an eye for what should go where which she attended to as Vic and I removed staples from the back of frames!  All had something to offer.   All had fun.

The paintings are to be hung today.  For now they are grouped on the floor, clustered if you will by location:  Africa, Provence, England, Isle of Skye and myriad others.  Revealing my tender heart I will admit to having tears in my eyes as I removed the protective padding on the frame’s corners and lovingly dusted each frame.  I had watched Jessie paint some of them or had seen the finished or unfinished product the next day or so.  I had sat on her living room floor cataloging them for here and New York, so you might say I know the paintings as I would “know”  Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto.   Seeing them all together in a gallery setting was like seeing them for the first time and I felt a sense of honor and magic to be there in that place with all of that beauty surrounding me.   I looked closely at brush strokes here and brush strokes there and I wanted to say a benediction over each painting and bless them on their way to someone’s home and  heart.    Have you ever thought of art as holy or sacred?  I think it is because it is the inner and outer eye of a creator, in this case one who never had a lesson.  

Enjoy the show.   Tally