We wish that Sandy McCann could write the commentary for these pictures just posted by Jessie, the techno-crat of the team!  The experience of spending Holy Week in a Hombolo Village which houses a hospice for lepers was one of deep profundity for Sandy and I will not attempt to put words into her mouth.  She is back at Msalato Theological College where she lives and teaches and I am sure as she has time to process and write about her week we too will have more to share with you.  

For my part, I have just stared at them in total amazement and admiration.  Sandy has e-mailed that it was not about herself ~ not an “oh, look at me at a Leper Colony.”  I suspect the depth of the experience is still churning around in her soul and will do so for the rest of her life.  When we first met Sandy she told us that ever since as a very young child when she read a biography about Albert Schweitzer she knew she wanted to be a medical missionary.  Priesthood was never in the picture.    She became a doctor and later went to seminary to get some theology courses under her belt.  Later she was advised to get an MDiv and to be ordained so that she could baptize, marry, and bury the people and also so she could share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

What strikes me as I look at the pictures over and over is the joy on the faces of the lepers and on Sandy’s face.  We would love to have your feelings and comments.

Tally and Jessie