While our children ride in the yellow bus, the children in Dodoma are walking or riding in dolla-dollas, some of which look like the one below.  Most  are smaller and are supposed to hold 14 people, but usually cram in 24 + people.  They are very dangerous, and unreliable.  They not only wouldn’t pass inspection in this country, most don’t pass inspection in Tanzania.  Tally and I have ridden in busses which when approaching a weigh station, let off people so they won’t be overloaded.  Then, further down the road another bus drops them off where they reboard.  This crazy system took us a while to figure out, where the second bus, or truck came from we didn’t know.  They probably just do that, pick up over loaded passengers, ferry them past the weigh station and then go back to pick up the next  busses overage.  So, we are starting a fund raising campaign to buy the first bus for the school.  We will need about 60 thousand dollars, this will include the bus, insurance, training for the driver in not only driving, but repair and maintenance of the bus.  The current “system” is that the parents pay a transport fee, then the school has to hire the dolla dollas.  They charge more than the parents pay and the school has difficulty carrying this cost.  But the worst thing is that they are not safe or reliable.  The parents will contribute to the school bus fund, this will make it their bus, rather than a gift from afar only.  So, would you like to buy a seat, a wheel, door, window, part of the bus, part of the training for the driver???  We hope so, am hoping we can raise the amount to take to the school when we go in August.  I will be having a fund-raising art show in New York in June, and of course, our now annual art show at St. Mary Mag’s in May.  We hope you will do what you can to help obtain a bus for the school  Asante,  Jessie & Tally