Many of you had to opportunity to meet Moses Matonya when he came to visit after Christmas. He is home now and very ill with Malaria. Malaria causes clinical illness in an estimatd 300 to 500 million people every year and cause l.5 to 2.7 million deaths per year.

When we go to Africa, we take Malarial medication, but this kind of medicine is strong and cannot be taken all the time, so people who live in that part of the world just have to “get by”. It is an awful illness, it does a real number on the liver, infects the red blood cells causing them to burst open and release more infection. Am not sure what they treat Malaria with, but am sure Moses is on some sort of strong medication. In the old days I remember my Mother saying they took quinine (she lived in the West Indies for a number of years). A big problem is that many mosquitoe parasites are resistent to the drugs used to cure. Please say a prayer for Moses, we will keep you posted on his progress. Other news we wrote about was the collapsing of roofs due to rain, see attached photo of local woman’s house we used to pass on the way to Bishop Stanway.