This is mostly to see if we now can add a picture to a blog entry but also it is to share with you this heart-touching picture of Daniel with Miss Liberty in the background.  If you can, put  yourself in his shoes.  Daniel had never flown before, had seen nothing but dusty roads and small villages.  Now he has flown to the United States, experienced Virginia seminary, and was hosted by his sponsoring parish in New York City.  He is now safely home in Dodoma.  Daniel and his wife Karen came to have tea with us  in our little duplex this past summer and it was he who asked why we didn’t pray over our tea and cookies.  With red faces we muttered something about not saying grace at tea time.  He reminded us that they give God thanks for a glass of water.  One’s perspective changes and is still changing.  We took Moses to Greensboro on New Year’s Eve day to meet with Bishop Marble.  After our meeting he took us all to his favorite restaurant there.  When we began to eat someone asked:  “Are we not going to bless the food.”  The bishop said he is picky about that ~ that the food was already blessed, that everything is blessed.   “Then what are we to do,” we asked.   Oh, yes ~ we give thanks or as some say, “we return thanks.”  Our lesson for today that you probably already knew.

Now let’s see if we learned our computer lesson this morning!