We prayed for rain, rain in “just the right amount”. It came, but not in just the right amount. They planted their crops with the first rainfall, then for five weeks nothing – the seeds withered and died. Then the rain came again and they replanted. This time the rain came in torrents ~ flooding the fields, washing away the seeds, washing away the bridges, railroad tracks, and hope. In its wake homes were flooded, roofs collapsed, dreams dashed, wells and streams polluted, faith challenged.

Our friends are not only having to deal with the prospect of famine, but Cholera is epidemic, the ever-present malaria has it’s toe-hold. When you rely on subsistence farming to keep your family alive this trial, as old as mankind, is exhausting ~ yet they keep their faith. When Tally and I go this summer, it will be rice and money for food we take, not art supplies. These are our friends, our family from afar. For some of you they are your friends too. You have met five of them, Moses, Daniel, Stephen, Venuce and Daudi. Hold them in your hearts and prayers.  Jessie