Veteran’s Day 2009, a lot of memories for many of you. Should you read this, go to Barbara Crafton’s website, the Geranium Farm, and read her brilliant eMo today. Those of us old enough remember, remember the poems and remember the wars. Sadly, they are still going on and deaths are still occurring. My mother was small, only 5 ft. 11 inches, but she was an air raid warden and plane spotter during WW II. She was a funny looking sight in her helmut going out at night with a flashlight as her only piece of equipment. That and that funny looking helmut. Gratitude to all who served at home or abroad.

News of some rain in Dodoma. Sandy said it is almost too soon, for the students will all want to leave classes to get to their villages in order to plant their crops. Rain and planting are time sensitive in Dodoma. We too are having rain ~ lots of rain but we don’t have to rush out and plant wheat or corn. Please remember our friends in Dodoma.

Thank you too for the warm and affirming response to our newsletter. Many don’t like to mess with blogs. If you didn’t get volume one of our newsletter that went out last week, just call me or e-mail Jessie or me and we will put you on our data base.

Tally and Jessie