So much of my journey here is about the curiosity of different cultures, governments, systems (just plain: How do things work?) Or, in the case of Africa as a continent, how things do not work. Am thinking that one of the things the West could help struggling countries with is “community organizing.”  The kind of thing President Obama did in Chicago. We don’t see “participatory government” over here, in any of the countries. There are elections, but the standing presidents won’t leave, or things are rigged.  Am referring to recent elections in Kenya and Zimbawe.  Everything is so very complicated, and daily, we learn more about just how complicated things are, and how much we take for granted. The more we learn, the more I want to know and dig deeper. So many questions to ponder. I see so many problems in business, and government. Tally is seeing radical differences in theological beliefs even in the same church family. It is certainly a case of the more we learn, the less we realize we will ever know. Jessie