Busy day for Tally and me.  We had our usual traumatic English class, we did not know how to explain when to use “present continuous”, heck, we are back to learning how to conjugate the verb “to be” ourselves so we can teach it.  We went with our tails between our legs to the head of the English department hoping to be fired, and instead were given Murphy’s Red Book on Essential Grammar In Use.  Pray for us!!

On the way to this meeting with the Head of the English Department, a four and a half foot snake sidewinded (or is it sidewound) across our path, a person coming towards us said:  “Oh, we interrupted his meal, he was after that lizzard.”  We looked and saw the big green lizzard happily going on his way to live another day.  Interestingly, Tally didn’t mind the snake one bit, but a half centimeter spider is another story…

This afternoon, I went with some of the teachers from “my” school to visit other schools in the area to talk about how they conduct their schools, guess you would call it a “fact-finding” mission.  Very informative.  Tally and I worked with the children making quilts for the schools in the States that have partnered with the school here, the children are also working on paintings for me to bring back for an art show. Good night!  Jessie