I now have a sense of heaven. Jessie and I borrowed a CD player to use in a music class at the Bp. Stanway Primary School this morning and then took advantage of having it long enough to listen to two Mozart piano concertos that Jessie had brought along. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. “Ah, music,” I said. We have an African batik on the wall and fresh flowers and music. What more could one ask for? We also thought of Karen Blixen (remember “Out of Africa”) when Denys brought her a wind-up phonograph so she could listen to Mozart’s clarinet concerto. Such divine music!

As we walked the path to her school, shared with cows and goats, we commented on how quickly we have adapted to  life here.  Such is the power of human relationships.  The people are just grand.

I must tell you about the green-grocer who came yesterday to our door, the green-grocer being a young woman in a brightly colored kanga with a large plastic tub on her head filled with bunches of a leafy green vegetable we knew not what.  We were yearning for something green as we had eaten black beans and rice for the past 3 or 4 evenings. Jessie, artist turned cook, made a delicious meal with the greens slathered with butter.  We had the beans and rice too!

There was a spirited discussion among my students in pastoral care yesterday. More than anything they want to know how we do pastoral care in America.  Also, they wanted to know why children don’t die of malaria in America. This entire experience breaks the heart but also enlarges it.

Now is the weekend, with time to read, relax and reflect.  Tally