You have not heard from us since July.  Here it is September already.  We are all saying:  “Where has the time gone?”

 Jessie is having another art show at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church in Seven Lakes, NC on September 23, 24 and 25.  There will be an opening reception on the 23rd from 5-7 p.m.  On the 24th and 25th show hours are 12-5.  For those in the area, we hope  you will come.  There will be paintings of Africa and also paintings from her many travels around the world.  You can also go on her website:  

We are already looking forward to our return in August 2017.  Now less than a year away!


This is St. John’s Anglican Church in Jordan, Ontario.  They are celebrating 175 years!  Jessie and I had the privilege of meeting their rector, Father Kevin.  He and the congregation welcomed us on July 3rd when the Gospel read that Jesus sent 70 ahead of him, two by two.  Here we were ~ going in the name of Jesus 2×2.  I preached a very short sermon and Jessie had the most fun as she walked up and down the aisles with a white baby goat in her arms telling the congregation that such a goat could change the lives of our friends in Tanzania.   After they had petted and kissed the goat on her head, Father Kevin blessed her and her sister and her parents and all the animals at Little Foot Farm.  Then Jessie took to the pulpit.  If I was a bishop I might  put a stole around her neck.  This church is currently raising $30,000 for a Syrian refugee family.  They are small but mighty.
Someone asked if we were missionaries.  That startled me ~ missionaries ~ us?  Perhaps in a way we are ~ we just don’t realize it because it is all so much fun.  



This is when I want a picture to send to you.  Maybe I am putting the cart before the horse.  The Presiding Bishop said that we should go into the world to make disciples.  He also said he did not expect me to go to Africa.  Now we are going to Canada to tell the story of Karimu and our friends in Tanzania.  By the grace of God, Jessie and I have been invited to preach at an Episcopal Church in Niagara-on-the Lake, a most gorgeous place in Ontario.  The gospel for Sunday is about Jesus sending out 70 and he sent them 2×2.  Here we go, two old gray-haired ladies.  We will miss the 4th of July here but will celebrate Canada Day there  It is a very small church but a very outreach-minded parish.  Currently, they are trying to raise $30,000 for a Syrian refugee family.  They sound wonderful to me.  If you read our blog, please pray for us as we try to continue the work in Tanzania.  With a little bit of luck we can send pictures to you when we return.  God bless you all.  Tally

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Dear Readers,

As you know, Jessie and I have been going to Tanzania since 2008 and God willing we will return in August 2017.  We are encouraged and excited about the success of the pig project and  I have another woman’s story to tell you, but first I wanted to get your attention!  Africa has taught us a great deal.  Here, one of Jessie’s Jack Russell’s (Pendo by name) who has “gone to Jesus” as Barbara Crafton would say, is being carried by Jessie on her back as the African women carry their children.  Pendo was reluctant to walk that day.  After using a scarf to put her on Jessie’s back she was happy as a clam.  I miss *Pendo whose real name was Tally Pendo.

Another woman in Handali has shared her story with  Moses.   Her name is Moleni Kutimwa.  Moleni is a divorced woman who lives with her children.  There is no such thing as alimony in Handali.  Life was almost impossible for Moleni until she joined the pig project in 2012.  The four women had only one large pig at that time.  I need not go into the reproduction process as Moses does but suffice it to say that now in 2016 Moleni has repaid her loan and has become a successful entrepreneur and plans to continue in the pig business!  As the others say, pigs have changed her life.   She, like Mariam has built a new house.  YOU, our friends and donors ARE changing lives. Thank you, thank you , thank you.   

*Pendo in Swahili is love.  It is a favorite name in Africa.


She appears a little lady.  No doubt Jessie and I have met her but we don’t always know their names.  When we return in 2017 we will definitely meet her and see her new  home.  See her story beneath this one.

This may sound like the “same old same old”, but believe me it is reason for rejoicing.  We are now hearing the success stories of the women, and you, our supporters, please rejoice with us that lives are being changed from “bad to good.” Those are the words of Mariam Kaputi who joined the pig project in 2011.  Mariam and her husband, Richard have 5 children and until she joined what we call the Wilbur Project they could not get enough crops to feed the children or to buy the basic needs for their children to go to school.  The group she joined began with 3 pigs ~  two females and one male.  Bless that boar; the two lady pigs produced 14 piglets right off the bat.  He was sold to pay off their loan, one pig went to their church and each woman  got their very own pigs.  Mariam got 6 piglets.  Two were sold to buy a goat and in 2013 her remaining pigs produced more piglets.  No birth control on those producers!  Mariam and Richard continued to sell their pigs until they could buy metal sheets to begin a new house.  There is no such thing as instant gratification in Africa.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get ahead ~ to educate children and to have a decent home.  Gradually, their dream has become a reality.  They now live in their new house all because of their pigs.  And all because of you dear donors!  Could you have ever imagined what a small donation could do to change lives from bad to good?  

Here are the pigs and now I shall try to put Mariam’s picture on the blog.  That is still a chore for me!


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